About Vision Therapy

How to Get Tested for Visual Problems

If you suspect a vision problem, the first step is to schedule a comprehensive visual examination to evaluate the basic visual skills necessary for good visual performance. Further testing may be done to evaluate specific areas necessary for efficient academic performance.

Help For Adults Through Vision Therapy

At one point in time, vision therapy was considered to be effective only for children. Though the years, we found that adults who were motivated to change their visual performance were able to make changes as profound as those experienced with younger patients.

A Flawed Statement on Vision Therapy, Learning and Dyslexia is Reissued

Vision problems can interfere with learning, but vision problems are not the primary cause of reading or learning problems for most children. Therefore, any effort to improve a child’s visual performance through vision therapy is unsupported, even if your child happens to be one of those who might be helped by vision therapy.

Vision Therapy for Adults

Dr. Sacks is a world-renowned neurologist, and you may be more familiar with him through a book that he wrote entitled “Awakenings”. It was a classic account of survivors of encephalitic lethargy in an institutional home, and their return to the world after decades of “sleep.”

Who Needs Vision Therapy?

Vision is more than just the ability to see clearly. It is the ability to understand and respond to what is seen. Basic visual skills include the ability to focus our eyes, use both eyes as a team, track objects and move across a written page.

How Well Does Your Baby See?

It may surprise you to know that newborn babies can barely see! And, although prenatal care and nutrition are vital for healthy eye and brain development, infants are not born with perfect eyesight.

Baby Vision: What Your Little One Sees

All of your child’s other senses — touch, taste, smell, and hearing — are ready to go at almost full power at birth. But vision takes some time to develop. For instance, months will pass by before your baby can see in color.

The Optical Illusion of 20/20 Vision

After experiencing the benefits of optometric vision therapy, many patients (or parents of patients) ask us the same question: “How is it that we saw other eye doctors before you, and were told that our (or our child’s) vision is “perfect”?

Checklist of Symptoms

If your child experiences one or more of these symptoms, he or she should be evaluated by an optometrist specializing in vision therapy, to determine whether previously undiagnosed disorders of visual function may be interfering with your child’s ability to learn.

What Can Vision Therapy do for You?

Parents often want to know, how will vision therapy help their child? First, it is important for a thorough developmental vision evaluation by an experienced doctor of optometry who provides office-based optometric vision therapy.