One Mom’s Story – How Therapy Made a Difference

By the time my son entered kindergarten, it was clear to me that scoring 20/20 on the eye chart and being given a clean bill of eye health by a renowned and much recommended pediatric ophthalmologist was not going to be the last word on his vision.

At First Sight

Combining optometric vision therapy with occupational therapy results in an integrated solution. Overall coordination and alertness are improved, which in turn affects performance in sports and in school.

Vision Problems in Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) affects a wide variety of people. Individuals with SPD and other different diagnoses or labels may have sensory issues such as sound sensitivity, difficulty screening out background noise, or visual sensitivity to fluorescent lights.

Vision Simulator

View a demo of what it is like to read for those with Convergence Insufficiency or Accommodative Insufficiency.

Super Bowl Receiver Credits Vision Therapy

One player in the 2009 Super Bowl was given a major advantage over others while still a child. The 25 year-old wider receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald, has a grandfather and aunt who are optometrists in Chicago.

Could Your Attention Difficulties Actually Be from Eye Trouble?

Like children with ADHD, adults with the condition typically have trouble concentrating, get distracted easily, have problems following directions and organizing their tasks and forget to do things. As a result, they may perform poorly in their jobs, be chronically late, have difficulty controlling their anger and have relationship problems.

Testing 15 Visual Skills May Be Key to Learning Difficulties

When parents find out that their child is struggling in school, they attempt to help them by trying to get at the root of the problem, only to discover a complex maze with professionals disagreeing and vested interests being challenged. Many parents get overwhelmed by the conflicts and the information overload but they keep searching for answers.

Vision Therapy and the Autistic Child

Too often, visual problems which would have been detected early in non-disabled children go undiagnosed and untreated for children with disabilities, perhaps because the visual examination would be difficult, or the child is not able to verbalize a problem, or the school’s test showed “normal” 20/20 eyesight.

Vision Therapy Explored in Autism Magazine

In some cases, typical autistic behaviors like poor eye contact, looking through or beyond objects, extreme aversion to light, unusual reaction to sight, lack of reciprocal play, inordinate fear of heights or lack of appropriate fear of heights may be symptoms of visual problems that can be remediated with vision therapy.

Optometry’s Role in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Many of the behavioral characteristics of those falling within the autism spectrum involve the visual system. Poor eye contact, staring at lights or spinning objects, looking askance, side viewing and general difficulties attending are often symptoms of visual dysfunction.

Retraining The Eyes Can Help Kids Read

Even with perfect eyesight, some students have problems tracking side to side when they read. It’s a problem that’s more widespread than most parents and teachers realize.