Checklist of Symptoms

Are Vision Disorders Interfering with Your Child’s Ability to Learn?

  • eyes strained or tired when reading
  • print runs together when reading
  • loss of place when reading
  • reverses letters and/or numbers
  • skips words when reading
  • difficulty remembering words learned before
  • uses finger to follow along when reading
  • bright child, but does poorly on tests
  • difficulty with copying from the chalkboard
  • difficulty with tests using Scantron sheets
  • complains of headaches after school
  • avoids reading
  • eyes tear or rubs eyes often when reading
  • complains of blur or double vision
  • holds books close to the eyes
  • poor sports performance
  • difficulty concentrating on homework
  • diagnosed with ADD or ADHD
  • distractible during homework
  • diagnosed with dyslexia
  • homework takes extremely long to finish
  • reduced reading comprehension
  • closes or covers one eye when reading

If your child experiences one or more of these symptoms, he or she should be evaluated by an optometrist specializing in vision therapy, to determine whether previously undiagnosed disorders of visual function may be interfering with your child’s ability to learn.