Vision and Learning

What 3D Movies Can Reveal About Your Child’s Vision

Nancy Torgerson, O.D., FCOVD

Oh how fun; yes 3-D movies can be so amazing!  Sometimes it looks like the objects and characters in the film are so close you could reach out touch them! So, taking the kids to the movies…the 3-D movies can be a big adventure…right?

But what if the 3-D adventure, instead of being a wonderful experience of visual delight turned into a woeful experience of headache and feeling yucky? Why would something created to be a super cool entertainment experience not be so wonderful? And does the inability to enjoy a 3-D movie reveal something more seriously wrong with a child’s vision?

The following video helps to shed some light on this serious public health issue…what 3-D movies can reveal about your child’s vision.

Oh yes, the 3-D movie experience for you child  should be a fun and exciting experience but when it is not, for additional information the following resources are very helpful:

And by all means enjoy the movies, especially the 3-D movies!