Don’t Keep Your Eyes on the Ball!

Take a good look at Larry Fitzgerald, the superlative wide received for the Arizona Cardinals.  His eyes aren’t on the ball as he catches it; they’re well above and beyond the ball.

Larry attracted some more national attention last weekend when he caught three TD passes during the early part of the Pro Bowl.  You may recall that we’ve blogged about Larry before, and how is grandfather, the late Dr. Robert Johnson, did vision therapy with him when he was a child.  I went back to listen to the great NPR piece about Larry a few years ago, and was reminded about how Dr. Bob first began to work with his grandson because of learning issues.  So his facility in highly advanced peripheral vision and eye-hand coordination allowing him to survey the field while not having to keep his eye on the ball wasn’t first developed with sports in mind.  It was more of a by-product of helping his eyes work more efficiently with his brain, and the rest of his body, as Dr. Bob explains.

I smile every time I walk down the hallway of my office where we proudly display Larry Fitzgerald’s signed plaque.  It reads:

“Optometric Vision Therapy made a big difference in my life and my career. I was fortunate that my vision problems were caught early in life. Learning-related vision problems can have a serious impact on a child’s education. Don’t wait, take action today!”
– Leonard J. Press, O.D., FCOVD, FAAO