VisionHelp Job Opportunities

Southern College of Optometry Private Practice Residencies in Vision Therapy and Vision Rehabilitation are now being offered at the offices of:

Dr. Stan Appelbaum
Metro Washington DC
Vision Therapy/Rehabilitative Optometry, Appelbaum Eye Care Associates, PC, Bethesda and Annapolis, MD

Dr. Dan Fortenbacher
Southwest Michigan
Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, Wow Vision Therapy, LLC, Saint Joseph, MI

Dr. Leonard J. Press
Metro New York
Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, The Vision and Learning Center at Family Eyecare Associates, P.C., Fair Lawn, NJ

Dr. Barry M. Tannen
Hamilton Square, NJ
Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, EyeCare Professionals, P.C., Hamilton Square, NJ

The doctors who developed are all currently in private practice around the United States. From time to time, jobs are available (will train) for unique opportunities for an associate doctor, partner, assistant, vision therapist, office manager, optical assistant, & front desk assistant.

If you are an Optometrist or someone who wants to get into this exciting field as an Assistant and want to learn how to do vision therapy, work with infants, children, & adults with reading & learning problems, eyestrain, headaches, traumatic brain injury, stroke, autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Strabismus, Double Vision, Vertigo, Dizziness, & Balance Problems, Amblyopia, Sports Vision Improvements, & Computer Vision Problems, please e-mail your resume or questions to or contact one of the VisionHelp doctors to request an interview.