~Unanimously adopted at the National PTA Convention June 1999~

Learning Related Vision Problems Education And Evaluation

Whereas, It is estimate that more than 10 million children (ages 0 to 10) suffer from vision problems; and

Whereas, Many visual skills are necessary for successful learning in the modern classroom; and skill deficiencies may contribute to poor academic performance; and

Whereas, typical “vision” evaluations/screenings only test for a few of the necessary learning related visual skill (distance acuity, i.e. 20/20 eyesight, stereo vision, and muscle balance), leaving most visual skill deficiencies undiagnosed; and

Whereas, Learning related vision problems, when accurately diagnosed, can be treated successfully and permanently; and

Whereas, Knowledge regarding the relationship between poorly developed visual skills and poor academic performance is notwidely held among students, parents, teachers, administrators and public health officials; now therefore be it

Resolved, That National PTA, through its constituent organizations, provide information to educate members, educators, administrators, public health officials and the public at large about learning related visual problems and the need for more comprehensive visual skill tests in school vision screening programs performed by qualified and trained personnel; and be it further

Resolved, That National PTA, through its constituent organizations, urge schools to include in their vision screening programs tests for learning related visual skill necessary for success in the classroom.