Roberto’s Story – A Parent’s Report

Dear Dr. Torgerson,

I wanted to provide this letter to let you know how valuable it has been for us to have Roberto complete Vision Therapy. Roberto was diagnosed when he was four years old with sensory integration dysfunction and more recently as having symptoms consistent with Aspergers’ Syndrome, on the Autism Spectrum. He has been in Occupational Therapy for three years and recently we have been working through an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. All together these ( and other treatments) make for a very hectic schedule, especially when you factor school into it; however, we believe Vision Therapy was an integral piece to Roberto’s continuing developmental improvements. He began vision therapy just before his sixth birthday. The homework sessions were frustrating and challenging at times but the therapy visits made it worthwhile for him to see his improvements.

Before vision therapy Roberto struggled with reading and had trouble maintaining eye-contact. Prior to going to Alderwood Vision Therapy, he had seen other optometrists who indicated his eye-teaming issues might require surgery. We were grateful for vision therapy – strengthening his eyes – as opposed to surgery. His overall coordination and level of alertness had been concerns and have impacted his performance at sports and in school. Since completing vision therapy, his ball handling skills and reading have greatly improved. The greatest asset for Roberto, though, was the exceptional staff at Alderwood Vision Therapy. Samantha has a deep understanding of Roberto’s overall issues and incorporated balance, response time, coordination and self regulation into vision therapy. The result has been improved ability to attend while at school and confidence in ball skills and reading.

Children on the autism spectrum end up having numerous appointments and difficult schedules. It may seem overwhelming to add vision therapy. But, I believe the investment Roberto has made in vision therapy, particularly at this age, will serve him for years to come.

I am very grateful for the caring, compassionate and professional staff at Alderwood Vision Therapy and believe it would be beneficial for children on the autism spectrum with vision issues.


Jeanne Acutanza (mom to Roberto)