The Eye Bone’s Connected to the . . . Brain Bone

Your eye is basically a very smart receiver and transmitter. What makes your eye so smart is that it’s retina, or screen, it a direct outgrowth of brain tissue. In fact, the optic nerve which enters and exits the back of your eye feeds information directly to the brain.

Some well-meaning professionals mistakenly argue that the eyes have nothing to do with learning problems because learning disabilities are caused by faulty brain function. These professionals admit that eye muscle control problems can cause secondary problems such as headaches or double vision, but plenty of people are able to learn despite these challenges.

Well … if your child is one of those people who is distracted by focusing or eye muscle problems, we think you should have an important say in determining how significant these challenges are. And further, if the problem lies in processing incoming visual information, specialized help will be needed. If you inquire about your child’s vision, and are told that vision problems don’t contribute to learning problems, just remember the jingle (“The Eye Bone’s Connected to the … Brain Bone”) while you head to the nearest informed developmental or behavioral optometrist.

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