Vision and Learning

Requests For Section 504 Accommodations

Dr. Leonard Press

Section 504, part of the Special Education law, provides a method for schools to accommodate children who are in need of special arrangements to improve their educational environment.

Many parents are already aware of the more common approaches to accommodate some of the processing problems related to vision, and they include:

  • Extra time for assignments
  • Use of large print material
  • Use of highlighters or organizers
  • Supplemental books on tape
  • Extra time for tests
  • Administering tests verbally
  • Special seating in the classroom

Schools often require information from professionals to justify the requests for accommodations. One of the tests that we use for this purpose is the Visagraph II, a computerized device that records the speed and accuracy of eye movements while reading. The patient’s eye position is continuously monitored by infrared sensors during silent reading.

But the issue shouldn’t remain there. While it’s good to accommodate processing deficiencies, it’s even better to administer vision therapy so that accommodations aren’t necessary. While this isn’t possible in all cases, we have helped many children for whom it is. Your school is responsible for educating your child, but it is your responsibility to provide your child with the tools he needs to learn.